ipfire dual boot

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ipfire dual boot

Post by Ayatullah »

Can ipfire be install on dual moad as others OS?
If yes, How can ipfire be install on dual moad like others OS?
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Re: Ipfire Installation

Post by legend »

Hello Ayatullah,

Yes, any Linux distro can be installed in dual or multi boot OS environment due to GRUB boot loader. As far as ipfire is concern, it is not a practical :idea: approach.
My personal suggestion is "Don't install ipfire in dual boot".
Because it is your primary network security and proxy server.

I can do it while it is not practical.
Let's say, I have 500GB hardisk space and I want ipfire dual boot with Windows 10.

What I will do?

1 - Boot from IPFire USB and Install Ipfire, Here is most important part where you will delete Swap partition which ipfire installation will create automatically during installation. The reason behind deleting swap is to make available 4th primary partition for Windows 10 as IDE controllers allow only 4 primary partitions per disk.
2 - Boot from GParted live usb, delete the swap disk and reduce the disk size of main ipfire disk and create 4th disk according to your desired size. e.g 100GB.
3 - Boot from Windows 10 USB and Install Windows 10 on the partition size e.g 100GB.
4 - Finally don't forget to configure grub bootloader who can boot windows partition by adding boot entries in grub.cfg. EasyBCD can do this job from Windows or you can use SuperGrub2 live ISO as boot loader. Flash SuperGrub2 to a 1GB USB stick and always boot your system from that USB stick while it is not permanent solution. I will update this post as soon as I find permanent solution for this.

What ipfire forum said regarding this?

Download links for:
GParted https://downloads.sourceforge.net/gpart ... 1-i686.iso
EasyBCD https://neosmart.net/EasyBCD/
SuperGrub2 https://sourceforge.net/projects/superg ... o/download

Note: I will not upload a video for this task as it is not practical approach used by world. Even you can't find a single tutorial on YouTube regarding this.
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