Password Complexity

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Password Complexity

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I am facing an issue while creating an user.
Kindly see the attached photo and tell me how to solve this issue.

Thank you.
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Re: Password Complexity

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Hi Ayatullah,

This is not an issue. Actually, it is a default domain policy where you are obliged to enter a complex password which should contain at least one capital letter, one small letter, one digit, one special character and minimum 8 characters length. e.g P@ssw0rd

Above password has a capital letter P, @ is special character, ssw and rd are small letters and 0 is a digit that's why P@ssw0rd will fulfil the complexity requirement of default domain policy.

You can enter your own combination. If you are not agree with default then you can edit this policy by going to domain controller:
Server Manager --> Tools --> Group Policy Management --> Expand your --> right click on Default Domain Policy --> edit
Note: You can create your own GPO if you don't want to edit the Default Domain Policy.

Go to Computer configuration --> Policies --> Windows Settings --> Security Settings --> Account Policies --> Password Policy
Right click "Password must meet complexity requirements" --> Properties
Select Disable --> click Apply and Ok

Open a command prompt as admin and type
C:\> gpupdate /force

Now your domain will never ask complex passwords.

Have fun.
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